Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy Odessa, TX

Manual therapy is the use of hands-on techniques to evaluate, treat, and improve the status of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Following injuries to patients, Paradigm Physical Therapy clinicians apply a large number of techniques with the ultimate objective of returning the patient to full, normal activity.

At Paradigm Physical Therapy, we understand that you want to bring your body and your life back to normal as quickly as possible. That is why our clinicians are focused on you. Our manual therapy regimens are custom designed for each patient. With our help and some hard work, you can soon be back to normal feel and function.


Manual Therapy Benefits in Midland & Odessa, TX

Relief of spasm
Increased cell metabolism
Increased pliability of scar tissue
Stimulation of joint receptors
Mobilization of restricted joints

Increased lymphatic drainage
Increased venous flow
Decreased neuromuscular excitability
Increased stretching of tight muscles

Increased cutaneous circulation
Increased extensibility of connective tissues
Restoration of correct joint function
Strengthening of weakened muscles

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The sooner you begin manual therapy, the sooner you can expect to feel better. Let the compassionate clinicians at Paradigm Physical Therapy develop a treatment program that will work for you. See why patients come from all over Midland, TX and Odessa, TX for our therapy programs. Use the form below to request more information, or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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