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Sports Training Odessa, TX

Choose the program that fits you or your group best. Stop in and discuss the options with our sports staff or call (432) 580-3300 if you have any questions about the facility, programs available or just a general question. Please compare our prices! Put our list of programs up against any other local sports enhancement program and see the Paradigm price difference. We offer extremely competitive pricing for both individuals and groups. If you are interested, please download and fill in our sign-up information packet below and select your program.

Please note that all programs have a one-time setup fee of $50.00 unless otherwise noted.

Adult Fitness Division: $125 /month

Adult fitness groups offer a multi-component training regimen. The focus of the training is cardiovascular training and strength training. Training intensities vary but you still receive the benefits of training like an athlete again. Training duration is 1 hour.

Jr. High Athletes (Amateur Division): $100-$125/month

Amateur Division offers developmental training and functional strength training that will ensure that our future elite athletes learn the proper techniques that are required to be an all-star athlete. All sport training is crucial at this developmental level because neuromuscular changes can be enhanced with proper training and education. Training duration is 1 hour.

Individual Training Programs: $60 / Training Session

Individual training will be a one-on-one training sessions with the strength and conditioning specialist. All facets of training will be targeted during these sessions. Training duration is 1-1½ hours.

Elementary School Athletes (Prospects Division): $100

The Prospects Division allows athletes ages 10-12 to begin the fundamentals of training. The ability to change directions or accelerate in a direction are crucial at this time, as is balance development. Proper development at these ages will ensure greater gains in the future. Training duration is 1 hour.

All sessions are 2-5 days a week. Please see our full list of training times to set up the perfect schedule for you or your group.

One-on-one training is available at the request of the strength and conditioning specialist.

Collegiate Athlete (Elite Division): $125-$175 /month

Elite Division offers intense training and nutritional guidance that will prepare the athlete to continue his/her sport at the next level or allow them to go back to school ready for the intensities of a collegiate season. Training intensities are extremely high so the athlete can be prepared mentally and physically. Training duration is 1-1½ hours.

High School Athletes (Amateur Elite Division): $100-$150/month

Amateur Elite Division offers intense multi-sport training, sport specific training and nutritional guidance that will allow athletes to reach their full potential at the high school level. At this division, these athletes will also begin preparation to make a solid transition to the collegiate level. Training duration is 1-1½ hours.

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